The parallel port SentinelPro security key is pictured below. A windows driver for this key must be installed on computer systems to enable the Titan software.

The USB SentinelPro and Matrix keys (also Pictured) do not need a separate driver installation. However Windows may fail to detect the USB SentinelPro driver when running the New Hardware Found Wizard. You can point the Wizard to the Sentinel driver at the following location:

c:\program files\common files\Safenet Sentinel\Sentinel System Driver\sntnlusb.inf

If for some reason, you cannot find this file, you may download the USB driver here.

Click below to download or Install the SentinelPro Parallel Driver

Install the SentinelPro Parallel Driver on your Computer.

Double click on the downloaded file to unzip the contents then click on setup.exe to install the driver software on your computer or extract all files to your computer and then run setup.exe from your computer.

PARALLEL SentinelProUSB SentinelProUSB Matrix