Label Writer for Windows

TITAN is designed specifically with the garment industry in mind. The Quick Start feature allows both new or experienced PC users to start printing labels within seconds after installation.

Titan Software Details:

Printing Hardware

Supports Epson FX, Epson LQ, Okidata 39x and compatible dot matrix printers and most thermal printer models

Supports Thermal Printer label tape heights of 1/4" to 4" and widths of 1/2" to 4"

Supports the S50(a) and CAB Ax printers with continuous label tape and cutter.

Achieves printing speeds of up to 360 labels-per-minute with the S50(a) and CAB Ax thermal printers and 120 labels-per-minute with the S30(a) thermal printer Provides the user with the ability to print manually entered or imported data to Dot Matrix or Thermal Transfer printers


Supports most standard dot matrix label sizes ... 1/2" to 2" in height.

Supports Thermal Printer label tape heights of �” to 4” in 1/8” increments and widths of �” to 4” in 1/16” increments.

Allows the user to easily format labels with true-type font characters and/or with I 2 of 5, CODE 39 or Code 128 bar codes.

Selection of ascending/descending sequential number or barcode fields

8 to 50 Point character size selections for each line of printed data.

Prints corporate logos when using Windows fonts with the Thermal printers.


Label information is automatically saved in the database when a label is printed.

Reprinting of labels from the database eliminates the need to re-entering data.

Import functions include importing to the Titan database and/or to the printer.

The database can reside on your workstation or network server.

Offers an unlimited number of formats that can be saved allowing each account or department to have their own unique format and database of names.

Wearer information can be keyed into the database for label printing in the future.

Software Features

Presents a graphic preview of the label to be printed in WYSIWYG format on the computer monitor

Quick-Start feature to get you printing with minimal training or experience.

Operator interface in English, Spanish or French

Dot Matrix pop-up window reminders for changing printer ribbon and excessive label quantity entries

Statistical information provided for total labels printed daily and on-going

On-screen help windows

Special Features

A wait-for-data function allows unattended operation whereas Titan waits for the import file to appear and then imports the data to the printer and/or database.

Special no-print field allows miscellaneous data to be entered into the database without printing it on the label.

Scan and Print feature is great for re-marking garments with barcodes. Scan the barcode from the garment to be remarked and a replacement label is immediately printed.

Minimum Hardware Requirements:
90 MHz Pentium or equivalent PC
20 MB disk space

Dot Matrix Label Printers Supported:

  • EPSON LQ Series or Printers emulating Epson LQ. On Windows 7 or better, we recommend using the Epson LQ Series 1 (80) or Epson LQ Series 2 (80) drivers, shipped with windows
  • EPSON FX Series, or Printers emulating Epson FX, are supported through Windows 7.
  • OKIDATA 39X Series
  • Thermal Transfer Label Printers Supported:
    CAB A3/A4/E4
    Most Thermal Transfer Printers currently on the market

    Software Requirements:
    Windows Professional or Ultimate - versions 7, 8.1, or 10
    CS3001-32 TITAN software on CD

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