Upgrading to Titan 2.4

Perform this upgrade only if you already have Titan 2.3 - 2.5 installed on your computer.


For configuring Titan to run on Windows 7 or higher, read This Document
If you need to re-install Titan because of a computer or hard drive replacement go back to the HOME and perform a Titan Trial installation. The trail installation will install at the latest revision so upgrading Titan 2.4 will not be necessary. If you have a parallel port SentinelPro Security key (Dongle) you must perform the Sentinel Parallel Driver download and installation.

To upgrade to the latest Titan 2.5 revision you can:

1. Download the Titan 2.5 revision upgrade module to your desktop

2. Double click on the desktop icon and install the upgrade



Click below to download the Upgrade module

Upgrade Titan Version 2.3 - 2.5 to the latest revision

Performing this revision upgrade will not affect your current format and labels database file.